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free wifi in Malaga

Free wifi in Malaga

Where can I find wifi in Malaga? This is 1 of the questions we’re often asked so we’ve put together a guide to free internet in Malaga.


Wifi on Malaga transport

Malaga Airport – the Airport offers free and unlimited wifi throughout the terminals. The signal varies but it’s usually good enough to read the news online, send a couple of Whatsapp messages and check out our guide before you start your holiday in Malaga.

Malaga Buses – the blue EMT buses in Malaga are gradually getting wifi savvy and to date, many of the buses in the fleet offer free wifi connection. To find out if you’re on bus with free internet, check the wifi networks and if ‘Emtmalaga’ comes up, click and connect. The bus service between Malaga Airport and the city centre usually provides this service.

Malaga Trains – there’s no free wifi on the trains between Malaga and Fuengirola, although this is a work in progress. Wifi is, however, available at the mainline station. The AVE trains to Seville, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona offer free wifi from Malaga via the RENFE app, PlayRenfe. To connect as you travel high-speed to and from Malaga, you need to enter your ticket number. 


Wifi in Malaga city centre

Malaga City Council provides free wifi throughout the city centre, but the signal isn’t always very good. In some of the narrower streets, it practically disappears. The best wifi hotspot in Malaga is Plaza de la Marina – look behind the tourist office for a blue post (see photo below). This beams out free wifi and has several useful battery charger points too.

Wifi in Malaga hotels

Practically all hotels in Malaga offer wifi for clients and free of charge. Some hotels provide clients with a mini router to use while they’re out and about in Malaga, a good option if you really can’t be without a wifi connection.


Wifi in Malaga restaurants and bars

Some restaurants in Malaga offer free internet, but this isn’t a given so don’t count on it. Most bars and cafés have free internet access, especially the newer venues like BrunchIt in Calle Carretería and La Bella Julieta in Puerta Nueva although it’s quite difficult to find an eaterie that doesn’t offer free wifi. Don’t forget that you can usually only access the wifi network with a code so ask the waiter for it first.

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