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Danai Danae expats in Malaga

Danai Danae – I just kept coming back

Every year tens of thousands of foreigners visit Malaga for a holiday and the numbers keep on growing. But there are also lots of expats in Malaga who have made the city their home. The latest in our series of expats in Malaga interviews talks to Danai Danae, originally from Greece and now settled in Malaga. In this blog post, Danai tells us what she likes most about living in Malaga and why she’s become one of the permanent Malaga expats.

When did you arrive in Malaga?

I first arrived in 2008 to study a Masters degree in Audiovisual Translation, then I gradually fell in love with the city. Afterwards finishing my Masters, I did try to live in other countries – France, Germany, Portugal… – but somehow I always returned to Malaga. And this time round, I must admit that I’m here to stay!

What were your first impressions of living in Malaga?

Malaga reminded me a lot of my home country Greece but still it was a cultural shock when I first arrived. Before I had been living in Salamanca, up in the north of Spain and for me even Madrid was considered south. When I first came to Malaga, I couldn’t understand the accent – I remember when someone said “Ero´ki” and I couldn’t figure out that they were talking about Eroski, the supermarket chain!

What do you think has changed most about Malaga since you arrived?

I’d highlight two aspects of the city that have really changed. First of all, the creation of lovely art museums in Malaga such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Pompidou Centre and the Russian Museum. And the other thing is Muelle Uno where you get to go for amazing walks and where the sunsets are truly breathtaking.

Expats in Malaga
Pompidou Centre and Muelle Uno


What do you like most about living in Malaga?

The sunshine, the smiles on people´s faces and the city centre where everything is within walking distance and lots of streets are pedestrianised.

What do you like least about living in Malaga?

Some of the areas outside the historic centre as not as clean as they could be and the fact that some people are not as respectful as I would like.

Where’s your favourite corner in Malaga and why?

I love many of the roof terraces because they give you another perspective on things that we walk past every day. And being by the sea is always amazing – I should mention Los Baños de Carmen here as well. And one of my recent discoveries is the Lagunillas area, full of vibrant street art.

Murals in malaga
Mural in Lagunillas

Which is your favourite restaurant in Malaga and why?

I like the restaurant in the Patio of La Casa Invisible (Calle Andrés Pérez) because it offers healthy options, their prices are more than affordable and the patio is lovely and cool for the summer months.


Describe Malaga in 3 words.

Warm, fun and welcoming

What is Malaga´s best kept secret?

As it’s a secret I can’t reveal the exact location, but there is a “hidden” vertical garden somewhere in the centre which feels like a gateway to another dimension.

About Danai

Danai is a freelance translator, born in Athens, Greece. Check out her translator profile here. She has lived in France, Italy, Germany and Portugal, but Southern Spain feels like home and has won her heart. When not translating, you´ll find her practicing yoga, hosting people from Couchsurfing and working as an event organizer for various hostels as part of the South Tours Malaga team.

Guide to Malaga would like to thank Danai very much for her thoughts on being one of the expats in Malaga and for her time taken on this – ¡muchas gracias!

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