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Why visit Malaga

Visit Malaga on your next trip to Spain and prepare for a whole host of emotions. This is a city that will surprise, charm and amaze you. And then leave you wanting more.

We don’t know exactly what it is about Malaga, but everyone who discovers the city becomes a regular visitor or permanent resident! And Malaga ranks annually on “Best of lists”. For example, in 2023, Conde Naste Traveller readers ranked it 5th best foodie destination in the world.

If you’re not convinced and need some compelling reasons to visit the city, read on to discover just why Malaga should be on your must-see list when you’re next in Spain.

You’ll be warmed

By the almost guaranteed sunshine when you visit Malaga. The city enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year and even if you do get a rainy day, the long, long list of museums and things to do in Malaga mean you needn’t be bored for a minute.

You’ll be surprised

If you visit Malaga on your next trip to Spain, you’ll probably be surprised to discover the city has so much to offer. For too long Malaga has been dismissed as ‘just an airport’, but take time to visit and you’ll find one of the most interesting cities in southern Spain.

Sunset in Malaga over Muelle Uno

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You’ll be charmed

Many people when they visit Malaga describe it as charming. There’s something about the old quarter with its elegant architecture, pavement cafés and little shops. And then there are all those little corners that verge on the decadent, the ‘not-quite-finished’ that still manage to be charming.

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You’ll be amazed

At how a city as compact as Malaga can offer the visitor so much. Every corner has a story to tell whether you’re on or off the beaten tourist trail.

And if your visit to Malaga coincides with one of the city’s big annual events – Christmas, Easter, Malaga Film Festival, Malaga Fair – prepare to truly be amazed at how everyone joins in and enjoys themselves.

You’ll be spoilt for choice

Malaga does ancient monuments and modern architecture. Malaga also does world-class art – where else do collections from the Pompidou in Paris and Carmen Thyssen rub shoulders with Picasso?

And then Malaga does sandy blue-flag beaches, great things for kids, some of the best shopping in southern Spain and amazing nature.

visit Malaga for its beaches

You’ll also be spoilt for choice on your budget – those watching their euros will be pleasantly surprised to see just how far they stretch. Read our tips for saving money in Malaga.

And if you’re splashing out, Malaga gives you a whole lot more for your money than you’ll get in other European cities.

You’ll be relaxed

Maybe it’s the sunshine. Perhaps it’s the Mediterranean lapping the port and the beaches. Or maybe it’s the laid-back lifestyle but there’s something about Malaga that makes a really relaxing holiday.

Whether you’re lounging on the beach, taking in the sights or just strolling along the many pedestrian streets at your leisure, prepare to relax when you visit Malaga on your next trip to Spain.

be relaxes when you visit Malaga

You’ll be back

The city might be small but there are lots and lots of things to see in Malaga. You won’t have time to do them all on a weekend. And if you do, the city is a permanent flux of change so there’s bound to be something new on the must-visit list. So, you’ll definitely be back.

You’ll be in the know

We know that the above reasons are pretty convincing, but if you’re just about to book your trip to Malaga, hold your horses until:

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See you soon!

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