Things To See

There’s no shortage of things to see in Malaga and this section lists the highlights. We’ve taken the best sights in the city – art, monuments, museums and landmarks – and put together essential information for the visitor. This is one of our works in progress so keep checking back for new additions!


Since the Picasso Museum opened in 2003, Malaga has gradually made a name for itself as a city of art. Home to several excellent art museums, the city offers a range of world-class art from the Old Masters to latest cutting-edge performances. Read on to discover the best Malaga Art and then all you need to do is take your pick!


Discover Malaga landmarks as well as several iconic buildings. This section offers information on things that stand out when you’re walking around Malaga. Whether it’s the ferris wheel, bustling squares or stunning architecture, we’ve got the best city things to see in Malaga covered!


Since the Phoenicians arrived in Malaga back in the 8th century BC, many civilisations have left their mark on the city. From the Roman Theatre and the Moorish Fortress to the Christian Cathedral and churches, Malaga offers plenty of history. Read our guides to monumental things to see in Malaga before you visit.


With over 30 museums covering a wide range of topics from fine art to football and from cars to customs, Malaga has a museum for everyone. Read our guides to discover what to see in each museum, why you should visit and essential visitor information. See also Art in Malaga.

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