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guide to street art in Malaga

Street art in Malaga

If you’d visited Malaga 20 years ago, you wouldn’t have looked twice at the Soho district between the river and the port. But come on holiday to Malaga nowadays and you’ll find this area has become a must-visit on the city’s list of attractions. Now a happening neighbourhood in its own, Soho is the place to come to see street art in Malaga.

Soho’s street art is the brain child of MAUS (the Spanish acronym for Urban Art in Soho Malaga), a project designed to convert the district into a backdrop for art in all its forms, but with particular emphasis on street art. And not just any old art. Soho boasts murals by some of the world’s best including American Shepard Fairey aka Obey, British D*Face and Ben Eine, French Remed and Spanish Doger, Okuda and Pantone.

There are already over 50 murals covering walls, doorways, bridges and windows in the Soho district with many more in the pipeline. Here’s our guide to where to see some of the best street art in Malaga. Plus, street art is always evolving, so what you see on one visit might not be there on the next.

El Perchel Bridge

Make this pedestrian bridge just opposite the CAC (Contemporary Art Centre) your starting point. Highlights from here include:

The rainbow bridge painted by Felipe Pantone, best know for his optical art and here he makes great use of bright colours that contrast with the black and white ends of the bridge.

riverside art in Malaga

Riverside graphics

On the east side of the river look out for the oil slick to the right of the bridge. By Javier Calleja, this is also a new addition to street art in Malaga. On the opposite side is a 130m long mural by Ben Eine, a well-known graffiti in the east end of London.

Before you leave the bridge, turn south towards the sea to get a view of the giant murals by Obey and D*Face. Painted in 2013, the murals took 3 days to finish and measure 38m tall by 9m wide.

South of the CAC

Next make your way towards the Obey and D*Face murals. Highlights in this section of Soho include:

Crocodile street art in Malaga

The school walls

Check out the front of the wall with is a large mural where crocodiles and bathers are enjoying a dip. Walk round the corner along the river and you’ll see a giant mural showing a deepsea diver and underwater fauna and flora.

Spain logo in Malaga street art

Car park

Before you head into the streets of Soho, don’t miss the mural on the Calle Alemania car park. It says ‘Hola. Welcome to Malaga’ and each letter represents a symbol of something to do in Malaga. Our favourite is the sardine espeto L in Malaga.

Hotel Bahía

Next cross the Alameda de Colón and make your way into Soho proper. Head for Calle Somera.

venus mural in Soho Malaga

Venus mural

This street art in Malaga is by Okuda and Remed. The giant mural covers the entire façade of the Hotel Bahía. Its bright colours represent Venus (think Botticelli’s famous ‘Birth of Venus’) and a sailor. To see how the two intertwine, get as far back from the mural as you can.

Soho graffiti street art in Malaga

Graffiti vandals

Opposite the Venus mural are Soho graffiti vandals reminding us that street art isn’t always on the right side of the law.

Calle Tomás Heredia

Obey in Soho Malaga

The main pedestrian street in Soho also has some of the earlier examples of street art in the neighbourhood. As you look towards the port, look up to another creation by Obey. Mujer Fatal is a portrait of his wife and a symbol of peace. (This one only took him 7 hours because he came with a template!)

quirky street art in Malaga

Calle Vendeja

Next up in Malaga street art at the Calle Córdoba end of Calle Vendeja (parallel to the Alameda Principal) is this creation by the Italian artist, TV Boy. It shows four well-known creative faces from Malaga: Pablo Picasso, Antonio Banderas, Chiquito de la Calzada (comedian and actor) and Dani Rovira (actor). As the murals say, Malaga loves art!

Update late 2023: this graffiti is very deteriorated and now difficult to see, but look carefully and you can just about see it!

More street art in Malaga

Soho isn’t the only district in Malaga with street art. You can also view lots of other creations in the area around Calle Victoria. Follow our walking tour to discover the best.

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