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How to enjoy the best contemporary art in Malaga (and in your own home)

Malaga already enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a destination that specialises in world-class artwork. The city is home to several excellent museums and galleries whose spaces showcase an immense variety of genres from primitive cave paintings to the best contemporary art in Malaga. 

But, of course, museums have their limitations. You can only see the artworks in a collection, lined up with others along the wall or floor. Never in the original context of their intended space. Until now. The latest addition to the long list of fine art venues in Malaga rectifies this situation. At Casa Adnew, you can see, try (by renting) and buy the best contemporary art in Malaga. 

The concept behind the unique space 

Art galleries are often rather sterile spaces. Art museums can be even colder, so Casa Adnew comes as a breath of fresh, warm air to the Malaga art scene. The entire space is actually Wenda Douma’s, the owner, home and it does a fantastic job of combining a space to live in and to showcase incredible art. 

Wenda outside Casa Adnew in Malaga

Casa Adnew is located not far from Calle Victoria in a typically Malagueño neighbourhood. It has an unassuming façade and you’d never guess at the treasure trove that awaits you inside. But once you step in the door and into Wenda’s living space-gallery, you begin a journey to discover some of the best contemporary art in Malaga. 

Wenda’s gift for pieces and their placing 

The first thing we noticed when we walked into Casa Adnew was the absolute harmony of all the art. All the paintings, sculptures and objects sit side by side as if they’d been created to live together in the room. And regardless of their age or type of art. 

Wenda has classic antique pieces next to a cutting-edge installation as if they’d known each other forever. And not far away, abstract paintings pair perfectly with their realist next-door neighbour. 

How does Wenda create this harmony? The answer is as it is with all artists, she just knows how to do it. And it all works throughout all the spaces, be it next to the sofa, in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom (we love, love, love the Barbies in there). 

The best contemporary art in Malaga in complete harmony at Casa Adnew

Why the concept? 

As becomes immediately apparent, Wenda is a hugely talented artist herself. Not for nothing is her leitmotif “may you live in interesting times”. Her home shows several of her pieces and she has others gracing the walls in places like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Jodensavanne in Paramarimbo in Suriname.

But Casa Adnew is, above all, a space for other people’s artwork. As well as works from Amsterdam, Wenda’s home city and Casa Adnew’s other location, this home-gallery includes work by local artists from all around the province. 

Wenda handpicks each piece to display in Casa Adnew and she can tell exactly why she chose it. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we fall in love with several pieces. 

See, try and buy contemporary art in Malaga

Then comes the best bit because, unlike most contemporary art, the pieces at Casa Adnew are available to see, try and buy. Wenda has put together a unique idea whereby you can buy a piece outright and become its new owner immediately. Or, and here’s the bit we like best, you can become a member of the home-gallery and rent pieces to try in your own home. 

This opens up a whole world of possibilities because one of the hardest things about buying art is that you never know what it looks like in your space until you get in it there. And you often can’t do that until you’ve bought it outright. 

But not so at Casa Adnew. This unique rental concept not only makes contemporary art in Malaga affordable – you can rent a piece from just €6 a month – but also allows you to try an artwork for size and look. 

If it works, you can buy it outright or continue to rent it until you’ve paid the full amount. If it doesn’t work, you can exchange it for another piece. Or simply rent something different every so often – a great idea because, let’s face it, who isn’t tired of looking at the same old picture, day in, day out?

Save to buy more 

But the innovative bit doesn’t stop there. Half the amount you pay for your monthly rental is saved as your credit. You can then use this to buy other works of art or spend at the Casa Adnew shop or on services such as framing and delivery. 

See, try and buy for yourself 

Casa Adnew is quite unlike any art venue we’ve visited before and it’s a great addition to the Malaga art scene. We saw some extraordinary pieces and some magnificent paintings when we visited, and because it’s an ever-evolving space, they’ll all be different when we return. 

If you love contemporary art, do book a visit to Wenda’s home-gallery. And if your home could do with that special piece or something different on the walls, go along to find it. To try or to buy. You’ll find Casa Adnew at Calle Manrique 18, in La Victoria neighbourhood, north of the city centre in Malaga. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Plaza de la Merced. Make an appointment here or call + 31 623 049 934 or +34 630 202 170.

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