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Malaga City Walks

Discover Malaga in 10 fascinating walks!

Let yourself be guided along the streets of “The City of Paradise” while you learn about the many attractions and places to discover in the city. This ebook includes ten city walks of interest to the first-time visitor, returning lovers of Malaga and full-time residents.

The book starts with a presentation of Málaga’s long, colourful and captivating history and then guides the visitor along ten pleasant and exciting walking routes through the historic city centre and along the beaches to the east and west.

The walks follow smooth, comfortable pedestrian streets, clearly marked on the distinctive map included for each route. Along the way you pass shops and markets, street art, museums and buildings with interesting architecture. You walk and learn about important people and historical events, about ancient and modern monuments, about churches, squares, parks and statues, many of which are illustrated by unique photos.

The maps and pictures in each chapter make each walk easy to plan.

This Malaga walking book contains 188 pages, 11 maps and more than 200 illustrations.

Created and compiled by Malaga lovers, Bo Lambert and Claes Norrlof. Note that this isn’t a Guide to Malaga publication, but our team fully endorses it!


Discover Malaga in 10 fascinating walks! Explore the city as you stroll around, taking in its sights and history. Each route comes with exclusive map and illustrations.


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