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Malaga Fine Wining & Dining

Create and pair dishes served in Malaga’s finest restaurants

About this book

This ebook includes 11 recipes from Malaga’s top chefs and each comes with an exclusive Malaga wine pairing suggestion and pro-chef tip. Malaga Fine Wining & Dining also includes a local produce calendar and quick guide to Malaga wine.

All the recipes are easy to follow, prepare and cook. They cover starters and mains plus a dessert and take you on a journey through traditional family dishes, Malaga classics and innovative twists. All are tried and trusted favourites and on the menu at Restaurante José Carlos García, El Pimpi, Café de París, La Antxoeta, Alexso, Aire Gastrobar, Los Patios de Beatas, Uvedoble, Sollo and Araboka.

Malaga Fine Wining & Dining has been compiled by the Guide to Malaga team, led by Joanna Styles, a highly-experienced travel writer and creator of Guide to Malaga. The recipes come from Malaga’s best chefs – two have Michelin stars – and all offer excellent cuisine, service and value for money.

Cook the best Malaga cuisine in your own kitchen with real recipes on the menu at Malaga’s finest restaurants.


Bring the taste of Malaga to your own plate and glass with these exclusive and easy-to-cook recipes from the city’s top restaurants. Create the best Malaga cuisine in your own kitchen, follow the wine pairing suggestions and learn from the chefs’ top tips. .


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