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Your Essential Malaga Phrasebook

Say it like a local next time you’re in Malaga!

About this book

How about getting more out of your trip to Malaga and speaking some Spanish? Feel less of a tourist, get some extra local flavour and make a good impression with this handy phrasebook.

It comes packed with useful sentences and expressions, all with a holiday theme and organised by place or activity. Each section contains the words and phrases you need to make yourself understood whether you’re asking for directions, ordering lunch or trying on some shoes.

This ebook also includes lots of top tips for a holiday in the city and 10 expressions you’ll only say in Malaga.

This phrasebook has been compiled by Joanna Styles, creator of Guide to Malaga, and Sandra Rodríguez, an expert Spanish teacher.


Just the words you need for your trip to Malaga. Handy sentences and expressions, themed by typical places and activities you’ll visit and do while on holiday. Plenty of top tips and as light-hearted and fun as Malaga itself!.


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