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Your Guide to Moving to Malaga & the Costa del Sol

Literally all you need for a successful and stress-free move. Updated for 2024!

About this book

**Updated for 2024!**

Whether you have firm plans to move to the Costa del Sol or are just thinking about it, this ebook is essential reading. Inside, you’ll find the information you need to make your move easier, less stressful and probably quicker.

With over 170 info-packed pages, this ebook gives you exactly you need to start your new life on the Costa del Sol on the right foot and settle in afterwards.

We’ve included everything from first things to think about to making friends via essential paperwork, finding a home, job and school plus the cost of living. You’ll find a detailed area guide to the different districts in Malaga and on the western and eastern coasts of the Costa del Sol. You can also read insights from expats who have already moved to the Costa del Sol and share their experiences, the good and the bad bits.

All information is from official sources, researched by me (Joanna Styles, a relocation and travel writer who has lived on the Costa del Sol for over 30 years) with considerable input from experts in particular areas. They include staff at relocation companies, lawyers, tax advisors and paperwork gurus. Together we have put together a downloadable guide to make your move go smoothly and stress-free.

“A must for all future expats dreaming of Malaga! It deals with everything from making the first plans to settling in afterwards. Highly recommended.!” Frances Dashwood, Edinburgh UK

“My family and I are still at the pre-planning stage for our move to Mijas Costa but we’ve already bookmarked several sections in this guide as essential reading. It’s really helpful and I like the idea of having quarterly updates – that way we know we’ll always have the right information. Super important at the moment with Brexit.” Simon McNeil, London UK

Note that this ebook is available in digital form only as a downloadable pdf.


Bang up-to-date and packed with the information you need to make your move smoother, easier and quicker – don’t leave your home country without it!.


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