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vegetarian tapas in Malaga

Vegetarian tapas in Malaga

Malaga is a foodie paradise if you eat meat and fish, both absolute staples on almost all restaurant menus. But if you’re a vegetarian, things aren’t quite as easy especially if you’re looking for vegetarian tapas in Malaga.

We discovered the challenge behind veggie tapas recently when we were at a ‘gastrobar’ in Plaza Uncibay with a vegetarian friend. Her only options were mixed salad (a very predicable combo of lettuce, onion and tomato) and porra antequerana (thick tomato soup). And this was a venue with a pretty extensive menu.

We got talking about being vegetarian and she said that often the choice was limited to Spanish omelette and a plate of cheese. Hardly a foodie experience. She also mentioned that finding good vegetarian tapas in Malaga is a challenge.

So we put our thinking caps on and asked a few of the companies running tapas tours in Malaga for recommendations. Here are our pooled suggestions for the best vegetarian tapas in Malaga, listed by venue in alphabetical order.


Atarazanas Market Bar

A great foodie venue throughout, Atarazanas Market also has several bars where pescatarians will be in their element and there are treats for vegetarians too. We like the Bar Mercado Atarazanas (on the far right of the main entrance). Here vegetarians can feast on the fried aubergines (berenjenas fritas) and vegetables in tempura (verdura en tempura). The peppers, onions and aubergines are fried to perfection and make a great appetiser.

Where to find these vegetarian tapas in Malaga: Calle de las Atarazanas 8

Vegetable tempura tapas in Malaga


Casa Marisquería Vicente

Like the bar in the market, this is 1 of the places in the centre of Malaga to come for fried fish and seafood. Perhaps surprisingly, this busy bar is also a great place for vegetarian tapas in Malaga. On the menu for non-meat and fish eaters are:

  • Grilled mushrooms (champiñones a la plancha) in a delicious garlic and parsley sauce.
    vegetarian tapas in Malaga
  • Fried aubergine chips (berenjenas con miel de caña) drizzled with dark sugar-cane syrup.
  • Fried peppers (pimientos de Padrón), tiny green peppers, mostly sweet except for the odd one that’s fiery hot (and you never know which one in advance).

Thanks to Devour Malaga for this tip!

Where to find these vegetarian tapas in Malaga: Calle Comisario 2

La Esperanza de los Ascurra

Update December 2021 – this venue is now closed.

A relative newbie on the Malaga tapas bars scene, this venue specialises in Argentinian dishes. But as well as the steak and empanada pastries you’d expect there are some great veggie options too. Try the:

  • Aubergines in brine (berenjena en escabeche) served cold and with a real bite to them.
  • Chard fritter (buñuelo de acelga) that melts in your mouth and goes a treat with the garlic-mayo dip.
  • Roast pepper salad (morrones asados), slices of fat red peppers, roasted and served cold in olive oil.

Where to find these vegetarian tapas in Malaga: Calle Beatas 23


Mesón Mariano

A classic on the Malaga restaurant scene and the place to go if you want to sample typical local dishes. Among the perennial favourites of lamb and cod are several excellent vegetarian dishes including:

  • Artichokes (alcachofas), a house speciality that comes cooked in various ways. Non-meat versions are artichokes in sauce or fried (ask them not to add the serrano ham to this one).
  • Fried green tomato (tomate verde frito), 2 slices of tomato battered and fried, and served with goat’s cheese in the middle. According to Devour Malaga, this is 1 of the best tapas in Malaga!
Best vegetarian tapa in Malaga

Thanks to Devour Malaga for this tip and photo!

Where to find these vegetarian tapas in Malaga: Calle Granados 2


If you’re dining out in Malaga with foodies, the chances are that they’ll want to try this venue. (This is 1 of the 5 best gourmet tapas venues in our Guide to Malaga and gets rave reviews from everyone who goes there.) Most of the dishes contain meat or fish but there are some vegetarian options:

  • Quince and cheese salad (ensalada de membrillo y queso) where the sweet fruit and sharp cheese make a good and tasty combo.
  • Thick tomato soup (porra antequera) also known as salmorejo. Here, it’s served with a grape slush and you need to ask them not to add the sardine garnish.
  • White garlic soup (ajoblanco) is a typical Malaga summer dish and this cold soup made from garlic and almonds comes with grapes on the top.

Where to find these vegetarian tapas in Malaga: Calle Alcazabilla 1

Veggie burger

We’ve noticed that gourmet burgers have popped up on lots of venues in Malaga. If you’re a vegetarian and want to enjoy a burger just as much as the meat eaters head for Brunch it. Their vegetarian burger has a spinach base and this together with the carrot sauce and homemade bread bun is delicious.

Vegetarian burger in Malaga

Where to find this vegetarian burger in Malaga: Calle Carretería 46

If you want to make a meal of it, check out the best places to eat in Malaga – all tried and trusted for quality and value!

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