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gluten-free restaurants in Malaga

The best places to eat gluten-free in Malaga

Finding somewhere to eat gluten-free in Malaga used to be more than a challenge. No more – as the city’s foodie scene has improved so has awareness of food intolerances.

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend hours looking for a gluten-free friendly venue or end up eating up a salad. You actually spoilt for choice! Read on for our guide to the best places to eat gluten-free in Malaga.

Look for the gluten-free in Malaga logo

Malaga council runs a scheme for local restaurants and bars offering gluten-free options on their menu. Since the scheme was introduced, a fair number of venues have joined. You can search for them on the map via this link and read about them when you click on the name.

When deciding where to eat gluten-free in Malaga, check the list first or keep an eye out for the logo below.

gluten free restaurants in Malaga

Gluten-free on the menu

More and more restaurants in Malaga now include symbols on their menus denoting gluten-free dishes as well as vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free options. If it doesn’t say on the menu, ask the waiter to point out what’s gluten-free.

Did you know? Malaga specialises in grilled fish. Apart from fish fried in batter, everything on the fish and seafood menu is gluten-free. How does a plate of grilled sardines, a small dish of olives washed down with a white wine sound?

Grilled sardines on the beach in Malaga


Best places to eat gluten-free breakfasts in Malaga

gluten-free breakfast in Malaga

More and more bars stock gluten-free bread or rolls so finding somewhere to eat gluten-free in Malaga first thing in the morning shouldn’t be a problem. The following bars and cafés usually have gluten-free products for breakfast:

  • La Recova – tucked away up near the top of Calle San Juan, this little bar/ café has gluten-free bread and a long list of toppings. Paisaje de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de San Juan
  • Noviembre – if you can’t until lunch time for the burgers, pop in here for a princely breakfast spread. Lots of gluten-free options. Calle Álamos
  • Picnic – 1 of our 2 picks in the Soho district, Picnic has gluten-free bread and usually a cake or 2 as well. The coffee is delicious so it’s well worth popping in. Calle Barroso
gluten-free bread in Malaga

Do-it-yourself breakfast in Malaga

If you’re staying at a holiday let in Malaga and want to buy gluten-free bread for breakfast, several bakeries in the city centre sell gluten-free products. Try:

  • La Canasta in Plaza de la Constitución and Calle Atarazanas
  • La Bella Julieta in Puerta del Mar (also a great venue for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea)
  • El Colmenero de Alhaurín also in Calle Atarazanas

And most supermarkets stock a range of gluten-free foods.


 Best places to eat gluten-free lunch in Malaga

Or dinner, in fact, because the venues listed below open in the evening as well as lunch time. In any case, most restaurants can guide to their gluten-free options – be sure to ask for the ‘platos sin gluten’. Our favourites include:

  • Astrid Tapas – something for everyone at this venue including those who need their food gluten-free. Lots of the dishes are organic too. Great value lunchtime menu (€8.95) that includes gluten-free options. Don’t miss the fun watering cans on the ceiling! Calle Calderón de la Barca 6.
  • Brunch-it – the pizzas don’t usually come gluten-free, but the burger bread does and there’s a good list of delicious salads. And best of all, they’ve just opened a second restaurant so there should be room for everyone. Also good for breakfast – don’t miss the coffee. Calle Carretería 46 and Calle Alhóndiga 3.
  • Cañadú – as you’d expect from one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Malaga, Cañadú offers a range of gluten-free dishes. Several of those on the daily menu (from €9.50) are gluten-free. Plaza de la Merced 21.
gluten-free lunch in Malaga
  • Candamil – except for the pastry empanadas, everything on the menu at this Galician restaurant in Malaga comes gluten-free. Feast on specialities from Galicia in northwest Spain such as octopus, roast ham and seafood. All about 5 minutes’ walk from CAC Malaga. Calle Cuarteles 15.
  • La Mafia en la Mesa – the best of Italian pasta and rice dishes and without the gluten at this Italian restaurant just off the Plaza de la Constitución. Apart from pizzas, there’s a good choice and a special menu for kids who also need to eat gluten-free in Malaga. Calle Compañía 5.
  • Parador – treat yourself to some delicious gluten-free food and great views of the city at the Gibralfaro Parador. Plenty of gluten-free choices on the menu including local dishes. Worth the climb (or get the No 35 bus from the Alameda) and that tiny extra strain on your wallet. Castillo de Gibralfaro.

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