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UNICA Pizzeria Contemporanea

If you’re looking to take your pizza dining to a whole new level, head for UNICA in the Soho district. Forget cheap and cheerful, run-of-the-mill ingredients and soggy pizza base. Instead, say hello to gourmet pizzas, each of which is a taste sensation.

The Padellino Gourmet pizzas, with their sponge-like bases, are delicious and unique to Spain and the ‘regular’ pizzas are a world apart from the usual Four Seasons and Four Cheeses. There’s also a short salad and starter menu, plus a selection of desserts.

The restaurant itself is intimate, with a stylish design. The service is top-notch.

All this obviously doesn’t come with your average prices, but we think the €25+ per person is more than worth it at this pizzeria in Malaga.


  • 658090714
  • Calle Barroso 3
  • From 16€
  • Weds-Sun 1.30 to 4pm & 7.30 to 11.30pm