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Anyway Wine Bar – best wine selection in Malaga

We’re on the search for the best wine selection in Malaga and from the minute we step into the cosy venue, we know we’ve found it. To our left, quirky wine shelves curve their way up to the ceiling, packed with enticing labels, while dozens more glint at us from behind the bar. A waiter slips past bearing possibly the most beautiful platter of cheese and cold cuts we’ve ever seen. And in front of us, another waiter is busy hand cutting cured ham and yes, that’s a black hoof, aka Iberian acorn-fed.

We’ve arrived at Anyway Wine Bar, a temple to wine and delicious bites to pair it with. We sit down at our table for two with lovely views of El Palmeral below and the city skyline above. Our waiter confirms the temple bit when she hands us the wine list and menu. We are indeed about to enjoy the best wine selection in Malaga and gourmet treats to go with it.

interior at Anyway Wine Bar

What’s on the wine list at Anyway Wine Bar?

As you’d expect from the name and the décor, Anyway Wine Bar is first and foremost about the wine. The sommelier David tells us that the list runs to around 200 labels, all of which are served by the glass. Yes, you have read that correctly, by the glass.

About the best selection of wine in Malaga

The wine list is obviously long, but there are also weekly additions as the wine bar adds to its newbies. David and his team prefer to stock wines from small producers, using natural methods including harvesting by hands. The result? Wines that are 100% terroir and many with organic or biodynamic certification.

At least 30 labels are wines from Malaga, while a further 40 to 50 are Andalusian. ‘Generosos’ are another sub-type and they run to over 20, including all the sherry types from Jerez, Sanlúcar, Chiclana, Montilla Moriles in Cordoba and even Malaga. If bubbles are your thing, there’s also a good choice of sparkling wine, including some local.

Cold platter at Anyway Wine Bar Malaga

How to choose your wine

Unless you’re a connoisseur or always like your usual tipple, put yourself in Anyway Wine Bar’s hands. All the staff are wine experts, and they’ll ask you what you’d like in your glass – colour, type and any other preference. Allow them to make a recommendation or several (you can taste a couple and choose between them).

We wanted to go white and local, so it’s a Victoria Ordónez Ola del Melillero in our glass for starters. We later move onto a niche white from Sedella in the Axarquía, also local. Slightly headier but perfect for our mains (more about those below).

What if wine isn’t your thing?

Well, you’d be mad not to try at least one glass of when you’re looking at probably the best wine selection in Malaga. But if you really don’t like wine, Anyway Wine Bar serves soft drinks and also has a fine list of cocktails.

But, please, do try the wine. We think you’ll be converted. And for life.

What’s on the menu at Anyway Wine Bar?

You could, of course, just have a wine or two and not taste anything on the menu. This is, after all, a wine bar. But with such a long list of deliciousness, ordering no food could be difficult.

Regardless of what you eat, Anyway Wine Bar gives you an olive oil tasting, with two EVOO types to choose. Ours were a Picual olive oil from Jaén and an Arbequina olive oil from Campillos nearby. Both were delicious.


If you just want a small bite to eat or to whet your appetite before you move onto something larger, go for the aperitifs. We chose anchovies, mussels and a gilda tapa (skewer of olives, anchovy and green chillies).

All were delicious – the anchovy was as fat as can be and paired perfectly with tomato confit. David said the gilda might be spicy. It was, but just a little and it provided the perfect contrast to the Ola del Melillero wine.

aperitifs at Anyway Wine Bar in Malaga

The platters

Many restaurants in Malaga serve platters of cold cuts and cheese, but few of them do to the Anyway Wine Bar level. To start with, you choose your cheeses and cold cuts (together on the same platter or separately). Again, allow the staff to guide and advise on this, based on whether you like your cheese stronger, softer… and your cold cuts fattier, more cured…

All cheeses are artisan, from different parts of Spain and made from goat’s, sheep’s or cow’s milk. All the cold cuts are Iberian pork and include that ham we saw being hand cut when we arrived.

We asked David to choose for us and we enjoyed a delicate goat’s cheese from Albacete, a cured sheep’s cheese and Iberian cured loin. As you can see from the picture, the platter comes beautifully prepared with almonds, walnuts, raisins and apricots, plus a couple of thyme sprigs. Almost too pretty to eat.

The mains

As well as your platter, you might want somewhere slightly more substantial to accompany such a wide wine selection in Malaga. Grilled meats sit centre stage on the menu, but you can also choose from a risotto, kid goat from Malaga or try the Iberian pork cheek with a truffle sauce.

I went for the pork cheek – so tender it literally melted in my mouth – and my partner, for the risotto. He’s something of a risotto chef, but gave the Anyway version a complete thumbs up.

risotto at Anyway Wine Bar Malaga

If you wanted to treat yourselves, you could go for the Japanese Wagyu steak, whose 300g comes in at €120. A bit of a splurge, but judging by the faces of those enjoying it on a nearby table, well worth it.

Two things about the menu

“Nothing standard”

David tells us that the wine list and menu are guides, facilitators for the diners to enjoy what they like. To this end, the staff guide and advise, but the end result always varies on what the customer wants and prefers. Almost like an improvisation, but always with the results we diners are looking for.


The elegant menus come in Spanish only, OK for those who of us who speak it, but possibly a challenge for those who don’t? Not really because all the waiters speak excellent English, meaning zero communication barriers. But, most importantly, all the waiters speak wine and food, so they’re the best ones to advise you.

While we were there, we eavesdropped on some conversations and in all of them, we heard the waiter do the following:

  • Ask the diners questions about what sort of wine they like, would like to try and what sort of food they’d like to go with it.
  • Listen carefully to the answers and based on those, make suggestions.

The oohs and aahs that came from the table when the wine and food arrived showed that the waiters had advised well.


We didn’t have room for a dessert and there are just two on the menu. But we did try a glass of a local sweet wine, a perfect digestive.

Good for vegetarians?

Obviously, all the cheeses are suitable and there are two veggie mains. If you’re a pescatarian, your choices open up to include sea bream ceviche and grilled tuna steak.


Anyway Wine Bar sits on the Paseo de la Farola, just above Muelle Uno. It’s an easy (and lovely) stroll from the city centre and handy for La Malagueta beach and area.

Outside Anyway Wine Bar in Malaga


Inside is cosy with black decór, giving maximum focus to the wines. There’s one table for four and a couple of others for two with high stools or space at the bar. Outside, the spacious terrace has plenty of tables with high stools and the fairy lights give it a magical feel in the evening, especially if you’re there during sundown.


Top notch and we were impressed by the staff’s knowledge of wines and how expertly they guide you to the right choices. This is especially important when it comes to deciding which of the 200 wines should be in your glass!


  • Wines – from €3 to €60 a glass.
  • Platters – the cheeses and cold cuts are priced by weight, a small portion is 35g, a medium 50g and a large 100g. Expect to spend from €25 to €30 per person on a platter.
  • Mains – from €9.50 to €45, averaging around €16.
  • Desserts – €7

Good for kids?

Not really because Anyway Wine Bar is about wine and gourmet tapas.


Yes. If you’re getting there via Muelle Uno, make sure you choose the lift option to get up to Paseo de la Farola.

Why put Anyway Wine Bar on your list of restaurants in Malaga?

  • Best wine selection in Malaga.
  • Gourmet cheese, cold cuts and aperitifs.
  • Good choice of mains.
  • Excellent service and advice from staff.

Opening hours

Daily 7pm to midnight


Tel: 695 377 799 and online. Booking essential

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