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Astrid Taperia Organica restaurant in Malaga

Astrid Tapería Orgánica – something for everyone

Finding a restaurant in Malaga that caters for everyone isn’t easy. In Spain where meat and/or fish eaters are more than well provided for, eating from the same menu as vegetarian and vegan friends poses something of a challenge. But this is where Astrid Tapería Orgánica comes into its own because here, everyone gets a choice.

What’s on the menu

In a nutshell, something for everyone. And there’s a big nod to health too at this restaurant where 95% of the ingredients are organically produced in Spain. Sharing plates are encouraged (and they give you a chance to try several different dishes) and Astrid Tapería Orgánica also serves tapa-portion for many of the dishes.

International would perhaps be the best word to describe the menu here. Andalusian produce takes centre stage but not all of it is cooked locally. Asian touches creep into more than one dish so you can go spicy here too if you like.

Choose from salads, soups – we love the carrot and ginger with a dash of some seriously tasty beetroot purée – and a hummus served with hunks of organic bread. Moving onto mains, there’s a good selection of meat and fish dishes. The meatballs with jasmine rice are a favourite of ours and one of our friends can’t resist the cod confit with peas.

Astrid Tapería Orgánica is one of the certified vegan restaurants in Malaga link so non-animal produce eaters have a good choice across the board (10 dishes in total). Vegetarians too are well-catered for – look out for the symbols at the bottom of the menu so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Like many restaurants in Malaga, the dessert choice comes slightly limited but again, this venue thoughtfully provides full portion or tapa for each one. Perfect if you’ve filled up on mains or fancy trying several puddings. I adore panna cotta and the Astrid take comes with mango and dulce de leche (fudge dressing). Say no more.

In tune with the rustic look, crockery is mostly metal plates – you know, the ones your grandmother used to make pies – and you help yourself to cutlery from the central pot on each table.

Menu of the day

This restaurant offers a great menu of the day, perhaps one of the best value for money in Malaga. Priced at €9.10, you get a starter, main dish, dessert and a drink. Vegetarian/vegan options are included so again, there’s something for everyone.


Bang in the centre, but slightly off the beaten tourist path so less crowded than Calle Larios et al, Astrid Tapería Orgánica is north of Atarazanas Market and faces onto 2 pedestrian streets. If you’ve got children with you, it’s a great location since a playpark and big square are steps away. So once the kids have eaten they can play safely while you enjoy the rest of the meal (but keep an eye on them at the same time).


Astrid Taperia Organica restaurant in Malaga

This restaurant is located in an old warehouse so it has the high ceilings and iron pillars so typical of Malaga premises. The restoration kept the tall doors and shutters as well as parts of the original flooring. Inside décor varies – we’ve seen the ceiling strung with watering cans, hydraulic tiles or just plain. There’s usually some art work on the walls. The outside terrace has a limited number of tables.


Astrid Tapería Orgánica charges for organic bread (unusually served in a paper bag) at €0.75 a person. However, the menu clearly states this and if you don’t want the bread all you have to do is let the staff know.



Excellent. The staff are welcoming and attentive. Food usually comes quickly. And while you’re waiting you can watch the busy team of chefs in orange hats in the kitchen.


Given that most of the ingredients are organic, we think this restaurant is excellent value for money.

Tapas €3.15-4.75

Mains €7-10

Why put Astrid Tapería Orgánica on your list of restaurants in Malaga

  • Something for everyone
  • Excellent quality food for the price

Opening hours

November to 20 June

Sun and Mon 1-4pm, Tues and Weds 1-4pm & 7.30-11.30pm, Thurs to Sat 1-11pm.

21 June to October

Monday to Saturday 1-4pm & 8pm-midnight

Closed 15-30 August


Calle Calderón de la Barca 6

Tel: 952 220 350


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Note: we always go incognito to the venues included in our Malaga restaurants reviews section and we always pay in full for every item on our bill. This way we guarantee that we receive service and food just as any other customer does. And if they don’t make our criteria for the best in Malaga, they don’t make the section. It’s as simple as that. 

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