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La Plancha Taberna – gluten-free tavern-style dining in Malaga

Our latest Malaga restaurant review looks at La Plancha Taberna, a city-centre restaurant, where traditional tavern-style dining takes centre stage. It also shares the limelight with a 100% gluten-free menu, making it a top location for gluten-free dining in Malaga.

As a result, it’s one of the few restaurants in Malaga where celiacs and the gluten-intolerant can enjoy every single thing from start to finish. In addition, the staff is some of the friendliest in town.

What’s the concept behind La Plancha Taberna?

The clue lies in the name: Taberna, the Spanish word for tavern, aka known as casual dining with friends and family at wallet-friendly prices. And, la plancha, the Spanish for grill, a key element in many of the dishes. 

But La Plancha Taberna is also about gluten-free dining in all the dishes. So, if you or someone in your party is celiac or gluten intolerant, this is a restaurant where you can all share and share again.

What does tavern-style, gluten-free dining in Malaga look like on the menu?

Think traditional tapas and sharing plates, with grilled meat and vegetables at the forefront. All Spanish tapa staples make an appearance plus some house specialities. 

Read La Plancha Taberna menu

The plancha bit 

As soon as you walk into this restaurant, you’ll see the grill station on your right. This is where much of the magic happens as the chef grills to perfection. We enjoyed the baby artichokes with ham (very tasty), pil-pil gambas (just the right spiciness) and the chicken, tender and crispy. 

“La Plancha Taberna, that place in the world that smiles most at you”

The other tapas bit 

This section is your go-to if you’re looking for traditional tapas. We tried the house ensaladilla rusa and the avocado and tuna salad as our starters. The ensaladilla was on point for creaminess and we rated it highly. The avocado was deliciously fresh. 

At this point, we noted the size of the tapas – generous enough for all four of us to try a decent amount each. One of our party also tried the ajoblanco, a special available the day we ate at La Plancha Taberna, and reported it excellent. 

Next up were croquettes and carne a la moruna. Again, both excellent and as good as the best in Malaga. We noted how the spices in the meat were subtle enough to allow you to taste the meat – all too often, the marinade drowns the flavour of the main ingredient. 

About the portions 

As mentioned, they’re a good size, both for tapas and sharing plates. We’d recommend tapas between two and sharing plates between three or four. 

About the bread 

If you’re Spanish, you expect good bread with your meal always. You get it at La Plancha Taberna, where there’s a choice of gluten-free bread (obviously) and regular bread.

Note that the regular bread comes sealed in individual portions to avoid cross-contamination with the gluten-free ingredients. La Plancha Taberna takes its gluten-free policy very seriously (and has the certificates to prove it).

To finish 

La Plancha Taberna has five desserts on the menu, all homemade (and, of course, gluten-free). We went for the cheesecake, which comes with homemade jam. Pear with cinnamon, in this case, a combination we’d never tried but absolutely loved. The cheesecake itself was simply divine. 

Cheesecake option for gluten-free dining in Malaga

In your glass

As you’d expect in a tavern, there’s a good choice of beers. In addition, the wine list runs pretty long. Malaga wines make an appearance and there’s also a local vermouth (from Moclinejo in the Axarquía). 

Good for vegetarians? 

La Plancha Taberna has a few veggie options on the menu, including two dishes from the grill section. Pescatarians will enjoy the grilled cod with tomato and the smoked sardine dish. 

Good for celiacs?

Undoubtedly La Plancha Taberna is one of the locations for gluten-free dining in Malaga. The restaurant’s owner is a celiac, hence the gluten-free menu. The restaurant belongs to the Malaga gluten-free dining network and has city certification. 

Dining here gives celiacs and those with gluten intolerance the chance to eat croquettes, cheesecake, bread etc, without worrying about any reactions.  


This restaurant is on Hèroe de Sostoa on the west side of the city, next to the mainline train station and the Barceló Hotel. It takes about 20 minutes from the Alameda Principal, well worth the short stroll for great tapas and sharing plates. Even more so if you’re celiac or gluten intolerant. It’s also very handy for hotels on this side of town or if you’re arriving in or leaving Malaga by bus or train.


Inside has an industrial vibe – we liked the exposed white brick walls and contrasting black ceiling. The photo display adds a touch of local colour, and the background music provides an upbeat vibe. Note that the acoustics are excellent inside, a feature hard to find in many Malaga restaurants. 

There’s a small, pleasant terrace outside and the wide pavement keeps traffic noise to a minimum.

You’ll find a mixture of diners of all ages, locals and tourists. The perfect cosmopolitan Malaga vibe!


It couldn’t be friendlier. You’re greeted warmly and with a smile from everyone on the team. Not for nothing does a sign say “La Plancha Taberna, that place in the world that smiles at you most”. 

Staff speak English and are happy to advise on dietary options and recommend the best dishes. 

Prices for gluten-free dining in Malaga

We think this gluten-free tavern-style dining in Malaga offers exceptional value for money, particularly in terms of taste and portion size. Expect to pay the following: 

  • Tapas– from €3 to €4.50.
  • Sharing plates – from €6 to €19.80, with most at around €8.50. 
  • Desserts – €3 to €5.90

Good for kids? 

Yes, especially if they want to try traditional Spanish tapas. The wallet-friendly prices and warm welcome make it a good family dining place. And if any of your children are gluten intolerant, it’s a no-brainer!


Yes – 100%.

Why put La Plancha Taberna on your list of restaurants in Malaga 

  • Tasty dishes from start to finish.
  • Grilled food on point.
  • Very reasonable prices. 
  • 100% gluten-free.
  • Very warm welcome.

Opening hours 

Opens daily from 12.45 to 4.45pm and 8pm to midnight.


La Plancha Taberna doesn’t take reservations, but staff pride themselves on accommodating you as quickly as possible. To be more sure of a table, get there before Spanish lunch and dinner time – for example, before 1.30pm at lunchtime and at 8pm in the evening. 


Calle Héroe de Sostoa 14

Tel: 952 657620

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