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Malaga Hotel FAQs

Malaga certainly has a wide choice of hotels, ranging from cheap and cheerful hostels to 5-star luxury. Our website already lists the best establishments, but in this post we answer all those general questions about Malaga hotel you’ve sent us over the last 12 months.

Can’t see the answer to your question? Send it to us and we’ll add to these Malaga hotel FAQs.

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General Malaga hotel FAQs

How many hotels are there in Malaga?

There are around 90 hotels in Malaga – 28 belong to hotel chains and the others are independent establishments.
You can see a list of all hotels here.

Which is the biggest hotel in Malaga?

NH Malaga is easily the largest and has 714 rooms!

How many 5-star hotels are there in Malaga?

Malaga has four 5-star hotels:
Gran Hotel Miramar (also the only 5-star GL hotel)
Only You
Castillo de Santa Catalina
Vincci Posada del Patio.
All five are lovely and truly among the best in Malaga.

How much should I expect to pay for a hotel room in Malaga?

The answer obviously depends on the type and category of hotel, although we think Malaga hotels offer great value for money all round and even those at the top won’t break the bank.
For example, our recommended budget hotels start at €50 a night, while our splurge suggestions start at €140.
All our hotel recommendations give you an idea of prices, with the lowest price for a double room in high season.
But bear in mind that prices fluctuate widely, even on the same day.

When is it high season for hotels in Malaga?

High season in Malaga is Easter week, mid-June to mid-September and Christmas. August is peak high season because it’s Malaga Fair and everyone’s on holiday!

How far in advance should I book my room?

The same applies to hotels everywhere – the sooner you book, the better rate you’ll get. On the other hand, you might bag a good deal if you book last minute.
However, if you’re planning to visit Malaga during high season (see FAQ above), we’d recommend booking asap.

Do hotels generally have an in-house restaurant?

The majority of hotels have a dining room where they provide breakfast, but many don’t offer lunch or dinner meal options.

Is breakfast usually included in the room rate?

Not generally unless there’s a special deal or you’re booking directly via the hotel website.

Is breakfast a good deal at hotels in Malaga?

Expect to pay from €10 per person for breakfast, which is much more expensive than breakfast in a nearby café or bar. That said, some hotels in Malaga provide breakfast banquets fit for a king and you might fancy treating yourself. If so, book a breakfast at:
Gran Hotel Miramar
Only YOU
Parador Málaga Gibralfaro

FAQs about hotel location

Which are the best hotels in Malaga on the beach?

Despite its long coastline, Malaga doesn’t have too many hotels right on the sands. The ones that do have the beach outside their front door are:
Western Malaga – Vincci Malaga with La Misericordia over the road; Parador de Málaga Golf
Central Malaga – Gran Hotel Miramar, Los Naranjos
Eastern Malaga – La Chancla

Where’s the best place to stay in Malaga for nightlife?

If you want to walk out of your hotel and into a club or pub, pick your accommodation in Malaga Old Town. Choose a hotel near Calle Granada or Calle Larios to be at the heart of the action.

Where are the best hotels to stay in with family?

If you’re staying in Malaga with your kids. choose a beach option (see above for the best hotels on the beach). Pedregalejo, El Palo and the western seafront all have accommodation options on the sands. You’re also in easy reach of the Old Town by bus.
If you don’t fancy the beach, check out our recommendations for family-friendly hotels.

Which are the best hotels near the airport?

You’re never too far away from Malaga Airport – it’s a 12-minute train journey or 25-30 mins on the bus. But if you’ve got a crazy early flight or arrive in the small hours and want to get to a hotel quickly, choose the Hilton Garden Inn. (It’s got a great pool too!)

Is it better to stay in Malaga or Torremolinos?

Torremolinos is next-door to Malaga, so it makes a good alternative to the city. However, both have their pros and cons:
Stay in Malaga to have the city’s attractions on your doorstep, to experience an authentic Spanish city and to enjoy a less touristy destination.
Stay in Torremolinos to enjoy better beaches and a true Spanish seaside resort.
On the other hand, Malaga can be very busy (with locals and tourists) and Torremolinos is extremely touristy (you might not hear a word of Spanish on the seafront).

Where are quiet places to stay near Malaga?

If you want to enjoy Malaga but not stay in the city itself, consider these options:
Public transport – the towns on the C2 Cercanías train line such as Cártama, Pizarra and Álora. There are 14 trains a day, roughly every hour.
Own transport – if you’re hiring a car in Malaga, consider staying in Los Montes de Málaga in a village like Colmenar.

Where’s the best place to stay in Malaga in winter?

Malaga has a great climate year-round, so we don’t think it really matters where you stay at any time.

FAQs about facilities

Which are the best hotels in Malaga with a pool?

The answer depends on what sort of pool you’re looking for. If it’s a plunge pool (i.e. small and just for a dip), try these:
AC Palacio
Castillo de Santa Catalina
H10 Croma
Only You
Room Mate Valeria
If you’re looking for a serious swim and want the pool to have a decent size, try these:
Parador Málaga Gibralfaro (with the added bonus of views)
Parador Málaga Golf

Which are the best hotels in Malaga with parking?

Very few hotels have their own parking space and even fewer offer free parking. However, most have an agreement with nearby car parks, so you almost always have somewhere to leave your car.
Free parking is available at Sol Guadalmar and Parador Málaga Golf.
Street parking is available (but not always easy to find) on the western seafront (Vincci Malaga), and in Pedregalejo, El Palo and Huelin

How much does it cost a day to park at a hotel in Malaga?

Expect to pay from €15 a day. If you’re staying for more than one, see if you can negotiate a special rate.

Which are the best hotels in Malaga for wheelchair users?

Most hotels have accessible entrances and toilet facilities, but not all have dedicated accessible rooms. The ones that do include:
Hotel Ilunion
Hotel Mariposa
Hotel Guadalmedina
Eurostars Astoria
Vincci Malaga

Looking for hotel inspo?

Check out our list of recommended places to stay. All the listed hotels in Malaga are tried and tested by ourselves, friends and family or Guide to Malaga users.

And if you still can’t decide and need some help, get in touch.

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