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Mid-range hotels

If you’re looking for a happy medium between budget and high-end, choose one of these hotels in Malaga. They all offer excellent value and good locations (city centre or beach), but without the high price of the most expensive hotels and more extras than those in our budget selection.

Note that all booking links go to Booking.com for three reasons: a) we believe this portal has the most reliable reviews, so when we say a hotel is good you can check for yourself; b) Booking.com has excellent booking conditions (e.g. free cancellation up to 24 hours before you stay) and Genius discounts; c) Guide to Malaga gets a small commission. Thank you!

Discover Malaga hotels by category

Check out our list of recommended hotels in Malaga. Our list includes something for everyone, whether you’re on a budget, looking to treat yourselves, staying with your family or fancy staying in an unusual location.

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